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Nothing here should take the place of proper advice from an experienced alpaca keeper, or a vet, should you be seriously interested in keeping alpacas or if you have an alpaca with a problem.

Why Alpacas

There are lots of ways to integrate alpacas into your lives and plenty of ways to justify itself to yourself and others !

The most important ones are perhaps the pleasure you will derive from keeping such responsive and expressive animals, and the gorgeous fibre that they produce.

Read on for some more ideas !


The Alpaca Year

Our Alpaca Year is largely built around the fact that we have breeding animals and that means that we are particularly busy during the Summer time. 

Each year will be different, of course and much will depend on the weather. 

We still find things to do for the rest of the year though and here are some of our highlights.



We firmly believe in the commitment that we have to each alpaca that we breed and this means that we are rigorous in making sure buyers understand their commitments too.

Read on to find out more about our approach to sales.

Alpaca FAQs

We get a lot of questions about alpacas and we love to answer them. Here is a summary of the FAQs and a quick answer to each question.

We can rattle on about alpacas for ages though - questions are always welcome !

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