Alpacas are fascinating animals with a unique combination of adapted physiology, behaviour, qualities and needs. 

Learning about them from books is only half the answer - you need to be hands-on too and to see them, handle them and work with them to get a better understanding of how to keep them well and happy. And, once you have mastered the basics, you may want to extend your knowledge into breeding and you may want to take your alpaca business forward through fully utilising their fleece and thinking about further diversification.

We offer a variety of training courses at key times through the year with each format aimed at addressing differing needs for information.

We have purpose-designed and built alpaca facilities and buildings and, even during poorer weather, we will be able to work under cover comfortably.

Each course will have a small number of participants ensuring that you will have plenty of time and space. There will be a practical, hand-on part to each course as well as a "classroom" session. You will receive handouts and you may take as many photos during the practicals as you wish. 

Each day course will include lunch (special diets can be catered for) and all courses will include refreshments. We can make recommendations for local accommodation if you need to stay over. Why not make a wee holiday of it ?  

To find out more about each course, click on the dates below. Or, if you have specific questions, or to book, please email us.

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Auld MIll Alpacas is a British Alpaca Society Affiliated Trainer and we are delighted to be able to base many of our courses on the authoritative modules developed by some of the UK's leading alpaca judges, owners, breeders, handlers and fleece professionals.