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Auld Mill Alpacas

Auld Mill Alpacas is our herd name and all our alpacas are fully pedigreed animals and are registered on the British Alpaca Society Herd Book. We breed around 15 females each year, principally to males that we have bought from other breeders and have selected for their quality, their genetics and their owners' approach to biosecurity. We will also work a strictly limited number of own home-bred males that are identified as having the traits that we wish to pass on to the next generation - so far, we've been very pleased with their results !

We have alpacas in all colours from white through all the shades of fawn and brown to black, and even grey. We love the diversity of alpaca colours and the unpredictability of breeding colour outcomes !

We take very seriously our responsibility to learn as much as we can about alpacas, their needs and their care. We also recognise the fascination that many people have with these amazing and beautiful animals and we try to find ways to share our knowledge gained over years of keeping and breeding alpacas.


Alpaca Farm Shop

Our alpacas are sheared each year by a specialist alpaca shearer  and we use their fleeces to have yarn spun at a mini-mill in the Scottish Borders, The Border Mill.


The fleeces and yarns are fully traceable to the individual alpaca and so we can tell you who grew each ball of yarn, scarf, throw or hat !

We sell the yarns and products made from them in our wee Alpaca Farm Shop - we make all of the knitted, woven and sewn products ourselves and buy in high quality UK-made items to meet demand for items such as bedding and socks that we cannot fulfil ourselves.

As well as having its physical home in a Shepherds' Hut here at the farm, our Alpaca Farm Shop has its own website - click the link below for more details including Opening Hours

Alpaca Days Out

We offer alpaca experiences as Alpaca Days Out.


Adult visitors and youngsters over 14 can enjoy an Alpaca Trek where they will be certain to be up close to alpacas, be handling them and taking them for a trek on the farm. Alpaca Trekkers finish up in the farmhouse for Coffee and Cakes.


Alpaca Treks can run throughout the year but MUST be booked in advance - click the Alpaca Days Out website link below for further details 

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