About Us

We've been keeping alpacas since 2004 and we began with four castrated males ! We now have one of the largest herds in Scotland and the alpacas occupy most of our working time, one way or another. As well as looking after and breeding our alpacas and maintaining the farm and the land, we also run a wee Alpaca Farm Shop including making most of the stock for the Shop, and we offer Alpaca Days Out, an alpaca experience enterprise.

Our priorities are to look after the alpacas to the highest standards and to ensure that they have everything they need at the right time to keep them healthy and happy, and to breed and manage our alpacas to maximise their quality and the quality of their fibre.

We do most of the work involved ourselves and we both get stuck into most jobs. We have support when we need it for specific tasks. We try to place our own spending as locally as possible and support other local businesses. And we love that all our alpacas growing fleece for our yarns and our own-made alpaca products have been bred, born raised and live here with us in Scotland.


John Smith

John has a lifetime of farming experience and has always worked with livestock. He loves working with alpacas because they are a wee bit different, in a sensible way !

John is the person who does almost all of the grass management, and it is through his efforts that we are often complimented on how tidy the farm is.

John has recently discovered a talent for weaving and is enjoying being able to contribute to the whole production cycle !


Carole Christian

Carole comes from a science and IT working background. She loves the alpacas because they are all individuals and are so responsive to calm and respectful handling.


In between other things, Carole keeps herself busy with knitting hats, weaving scarves, and sewing cushions and bags, as well as polishing the Alpaca Farm Shop !

Carole does most of the office stuff and tries to keep the paperwork up to date.

07773 968979



Our "preferred suppliers"

Alpaca Feed

We use and recommend GWF Nutrition's Camelibra-NG and we feed it with Fibregest from the same supplier. We are stockists for GWF's camelid products.

Vet Services

Moray Coast Vet Group provide us with our vet services and we thoroughly recommend them for both small and large animals. Alpaca medicine can be a bit off the standard practice and, if MCVG don't know the answer, they will quickly find out.


We buy our headcollars and cria coats from Mary Roach Headcollars. They give a great fit and Mary offers a speedy and flexible service with extras and modifications all being possible. Mary doesn't have a website but can be reached by email.

Fleece Processing

John and Juliet at The Border Mill have our total respect as craftspeople delivering a great service. We have had nothing but the most lovely yarns from them and thoroughly recommend their fleece processing.

Internet Services

This vital service is provided for us by the lovely people at Calico UK in Cromarty, just across the Moray Firth from us. They are flexible and responsive. Our websites are all created by us using WiX.