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Our Commitment

We take very seriously our commitment to the alpacas that we breed. We will spend as much time as is required with every prospective purchaser of alpacas to help them be 100% sure of their decision to go ahead.

  • We will help every purchaser decide whether they are initially interested in a non-breeding group of alpacas or whether they want to get going with a breeding herd.

  • We will describe each alpaca that the buyer is considering, explain its relationship to others in the group, give an indication of its quality by comparison to others, and point out any faults if applicable. 

  • We will visit the alpacas' intended new home to advise, if required, on fencing, housing, pasture management etc.  

  • We will ensure that every new alpaca keeper has full training in the  husbandry skills that they need and will support them in this once they take ownership. Every alpaca goes to its new home with a well-fitting headcollar and a "grow and swap" arrangement. And each alpaca's routines and previous history are given in writing and fully explained.

Our Current Sales List

We have some bottom lines.

  • We will NEVER sell an alpaca singly unless it is going to join an existing group of like animals (males with males, females with females)

  • We will NEVER sell alpacas without establishing a "relationship" with the buyer first. We are not interested in a sale for a sale's sake

  • We will NEVER sell alpacas to anyone who is unwilling to have us visit their premises beforehand

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